Credits and Acknowledgements


This website would not have been possible without the support of many individuals, whom I list here in grateful acknowledgement:

Teri Damron: My wonderfully supportive cruising companion, whose patience, understanding, and encouragement during the many hours—indeed, days and weeks—I spent creating this website, are beyond my ability to adequately express

Katadyn, Inc.: whose Swiss engineers never failed to give the answers I needed to my technical questions, and the many good folks at Katadyn North America including, but not limited to:

Alan Lizee: current President of KNA, who has never once failed to support my efforts to help cruisers since I began over fourteen years ago. An experienced cruiser himself, he has bent over backwards to implement the design improvements I've suggested and help me get through several problems I've encountered during my far-ranging voyages as an "evangelist" for PUR and Katadyn

Chris Voxland: Operations Manager for KNA, who has been an important and always helpful liaison with the company. He wears many hats, including the role of head of customer support, and has never failed to respond personally to any problems Katadyn watermaker owners have experienced with their equipment

Kristin Bendt: I'm not sure what Kristin's official title is, but I suggest, company angel! She's always been there with an immediate response to questions, info needs, moral support for my efforts, and the know-how to get me in touch with the right people at the right time

Dick Embree: the original Recovery Engineering engineer who designed all of the watermaker models. It was at his feet that I first learned the basic technical insights into how these things really work

Tom Amundson: the irreplaceable troubleshooting and repair technician at Katadyn North America. He was selfless in sharing his deep knowledge of the watermakers and how to work on them

Bruce and Barbara Osborn: whose generous and unlimited hospitality during our stay while tied to the dock behind their house in Palm City, Florida, enabled me to spend the time necessary to do the best job I could in producing the Repairs Video. It's hard for me to imagine better friends

Linda Card of S/V Carina: who generously took a long break from her musical activities at Mario's Marina, Rio Dulce, Guatemala, to help proofread this work before I embedded it in concrete. Her second pair of eyes were much appreciated, and it was a pleasure to play music with her as a brief member of the Sweet River Band.

Harry Belafonte: for the use of a few seconds of his famous Banana Boat song in the Repairs Video. Not only do I greatly admire Belafonte as a musical artist—I admire even more his political savvy and compassion for the short video of the boat crashing into the bridge at the end of the Repairs Video.

Technical Acknowledgements

For those interested in the technology behind the creation of the content on this website and my CD, I offer the following list of hardware and software used in the process:

Computer: a relatively high-end box which I built and am continually upgrading. This production was done when it had an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processor, 4GB ram, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 graphics card, Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card, a D-Link AirPlus DWL-G520 WiFi adapter, and three 7200 rpm 320GB hard drives, as well as one external DVD drive with LightScribe capabilities. Dual-boot Operating systems: Windows XP Professional SP3 and Ubuntu Linux 9.10 (Karmic).

Nero VisionExpress used to capture the video from our digital camera to the computer hard drive

Nero Burning ROM used to burn the original CD upon which this website content is based. Although I've been very pleased with this and prior versions of Nero software, I'm not impressed with the new Ver. 7 offering

VideoWave: one of the many tools included in Roxio Easy Media Creator, Ver. 7 (Build, and used for all of the video editing and rendering for the Repairs Video. This software worked flawlessly (almost). I was greatly impressed with its performance

NCH Wavepad Ver. 3.05: an excellent audio editor from Australia which I used to record and edit all of the narration

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 6.02: my favorite graphics editor. This utility was acquired by Corel and upgraded to Corel PaintShop Pro XI, which has some great new features. However, I used my original Jasc program because I was intimately familiar with how it worked and it did everything I needed to do, which was to create and/or massage all the still images used in the videos and the articles

Coffeecup HTML Editor Version 2007: an easy-to-use HTML editor with almost all the features that I could possibly ask for. Used for creating the HTML files for this website's content

CSE HTML Validator 8.0: an awesome utility program for checking HTML, XHTML and CSS syntax. It not only helped me avoid a multitude of technical errors, but was also an incredible learning tool

SnagIt Ver 8.2.2: an amazing screen capture utility program that enables capture of just about anything that appears on the computer monitor, including complete capture of scrolling webpages and video clips. It turned out to be a very useful and worthwhile investment

PerfectDisk Ver. 8.0 (Build 58): a disk defragmenter utility from Raxco Software, which made it easy to keep the many large video files in good, unfragmented condition. I recommend it highly to anyone who wants a great improvement over the defragmenter utility that comes with Windows (or Norton, for that matter)

I should add that I continue to be amazed at the possibilities provided by current computer hardware and software products. Having been a computer professional before I retired and began the cruising life, I am still in awe at the pace of progress in this field—Hollywood, Beware!

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