What Percent Winners?

What Percent Winners?


Winning at sports betting means winning an excellent percent of the wagers you make; you do not need to win each and every single bet to earn money wagering sports. You do need to do better than guessing because on bets against a spread you usually have to risk $110 to try to win $100.
If you strike 50 percent winners on bets you make at -110, you will certainly lose at the rate of 4.55 percent. The break-even factor for bets at -110 is to strike 52.4 percent winners.

Right here’s how to figure your percent edge from your win price, presuming you make wagers at -110:

Increase your percent of winners by 1.91 (which is 21/11), and also subtract 100.

If you can anticipate the victor 53.5 percent of the time on bets at -110. You will certainly delight in a 2 percent side. You will be striking at the rate that sports-betting pro Fezzik says is commonly the documented success rate of sharp handicappers that play a high volume of video games against pro as well as university sides. If you can pay a far better cost than -110, you can raise your edge.

If you can forecast the champion 55 percent of the moment on bets at -110, you will enjoy a 5 percent edge. According to Fezzik, such win prices are attainable in illiquid markets like overnight lines, totals, as well as props. You will have around the exact same edge over sportsbooks as those books delight in over individuals that play random hunches at -110.

If you can strike 57 percent winners at -110. 토토사이트추천 You will be making almost a 9 percent return on your money-bought sports bets. A few years ago 57 percent was an obtainable success price for the very best of the pros, yet finding fantastic bets has gotten harder over the last few years.

If you can hit 60 percent winners, pinch yourself because you are fantasizing. You will occasionally find a wager that you think will certainly win with a probability of 60 percent. And on such a wager your edge is almost fifteen percent.

A person tells you he can strike 70 percent winners and you need to pay him for his picks. Hang onto your wallet due to the fact that he’s existing regarding the 70 percent.

Approximating Your Side


Much of this publication is devoted to determining whether you have a side on a specific wager as well as approximating what that edge is. Keep in mind that whatever number you come up with is only a price quote. Occasionally the lines maker will certainly understand things that you do not know. As a result, your side as calculated by the methods of this book is most likely to overemphasize your actual side than to understate it. When you are deciding how much to wager. Act as if your edge is less than the amount you have calculated.